I love cats and paint them with love and often flowers.  I also enjoy dogs, cows, hummingbirds, frogs, and butterflies.  Animals are wonderful subjects for my watercolors.  I usually choose or add whimsy in my work and they are usually full of vivid color.

Sir SammyPeek-a-BooFashion PoliceThe EngineerZach's NapStop & Smell the PoppiesDrying CatnipColby JMcDuffRomeo & JulietOn Hummingbird WatchWatching YouMissy's DreamCold DuckHummingbird GatheringMonroe in BloomsStripesThe FamilyStewartSammiePorterMs. MaggieCowlickOff DutyBuckleyPosey in the PosiesCool Hand CatThe ScholarReUnited